Glittering Spectacular Annual Dinner Awards 2018

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Glittering Spectacular Annual Dinner Awards 2018

Postby Sarae » Fri Sep 21, 2018 7:44 am

Hi all,
As per last year, the Annual Dinner Mountaineering Awards will be decided on the evening of the annual dinner by secret ballot. I.e All club members have the opportunity to vote on received nominations.

The idea is for nominations to be received by 31 October in order for the committee to shortlist. This shortlist will then be available at the dinner for people to vote on.
The categories are:
- Contribution to the club (Keith Waddell award)
- Mountaineer of the year
- Best improver

Please send to me (or anyone else) on the committee your nominations along with your rationale before 31 OCTOBER 2018

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Re: Glittering Spectacular Annual Dinner Awards 2018

Postby Lindsay M » Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:14 pm

Still taking nominations!
Lindsay M
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Re: Glittering Spectacular Annual Dinner Awards 2018

Postby Sarae » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:40 pm

Roll up roll up....get your nominations in......don’t be shy now.
PM me.....what have you got to loose?
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Re: Glittering Spectacular Annual Dinner Awards 2018

Postby Sarae » Mon Nov 19, 2018 4:42 pm

Fabulous weather, fabulous venue, great company, good food and drink, marvellous quiz, and hearing Mick and John do their `set`, well just splendid!!
Thanks all for coming.

And so to confirm the awards

The photo`s…….
Club Life – Sandra Redgrave for her picture on Cadir Idris
Mountains - Dave Rippin for his phot `Reflections`
Peter has posted up the link for all the photos separately. Check them out.

Sandra McCabe and Neil Redgrave (x2) for completing the Cuillin Ridge traverse in a day.

I nominate Neil and Sandra for mountaineers of the year for doing the Cuillin Ridge.
Probably the most challenging mountain day out in the UK. It's brutal, I tried it and got chewed up and spat out. Compasses are practically useless with the magnetic rock. You need to carry climbing gear and enough supplies to last a very long day, they had to melt snow for water (in May!). Many people try it and don't succeed.

Mike Nuttall - WINNER
I`d like to nominate Mike for his 14 years of work developing and supporting (design, maintenance and improving) the club website and bulletin board (now that he is I think stepping back from this role).

Lindsay McMorran
I often forget what role Lindsay has in the committee - not because she doesn't do her job, but because she does multiple others! She's a brilliant communications sec, and does loads for the club behind the scenes and on meets etc. regardless of whether or not she's leading the meet. Things always seem to happen smoothly and with a smile when she's involved.

Will Smith
Will has very quietly made a real contribution to the club in supporting newer and less experienced climbers develop. He always has a smile on his face, and nothing is too much trouble. He has good ideas for climbing venues, and has adapted the climbing calendar to focus on the newer club members as well as the stalwarts. I like his innovative ideas and would like to nominate him for his contribution to the Club

Karl Harrison - WINNER
Karl seems to have ploughed up through the grades both inside and outside and led Great Western this summer - an initiation no matter what grade you climb! He also seems to have 'improved' the style of climbing in the LMC too - see recent photos of the trip to Pembroke!

Lindsay McMorran
Please could I nominate Lindsay McMorran for best improver? This summer she's taken what she's learned on the evening meets and is now leading climbs independently.

Graham Jones
I'll nominate Graham Jones for completing what turned out to be a bit of an apprenticeship in adventure climbing this summer.

Congratulations to all of you. You are all winners in my eyes.
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