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2020 Photo competition

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:14 pm
by DavidPonting
Despite lockdowns, I see that we've all been getting out in the hills loads this year - so it's time to show off your adventures! In other words, time to review the wonderful photos you have taken in the mountains, valleys, vales and hills of the world - or maybe just a sneaky pic at the pub or hut meet. Photos must have been taken since the last competition closed (i.e. last annual dinner - any pictures taken at the last annual dinner weekend do count).

Reminder of the rules:

- 3 photos per person per category
- Categories
--- Club life
--- Mountain photography

That's it really. Just get your best photos to me, I will get them uploaded to a google photos album and at the virtual annual dinner (see social section) we will vote for the ones we like the most.
My email address is in the private section; dropbox links &c are encouraged...

Deadline for sending photos is 30th November