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AGM 2022 - venue?

Postby Lindsay M » Fri Nov 12, 2021 8:51 am

For those new to the club, each year in January we hold an AGM. What's the AGM I hear some of you shout? Basically, we all meet up for a chat.

The outgoing committee each reports to the membership about what they did and how the year went
The incoming committee are voted for by the members
The members get a chance to vote on any proposal brought to the AGM by the committee and also discuss any issues they noticed, give feedback etc
The accounts are presented so everyone can see what we did with your subs and admire the Treasurer's not at all suspicious new yacht

It all sounds formal but it's basically your chance to tell us how you want your club to be run so it's really important! We also need 20% of the total membership to attend in order to have a valid meeting (that that's about 26 of you based on currently paid up members).

Traditionally it was held in a pub in Leeds on a Tuesday in January, but in January 2021 we held the first ever Zoom AGM due to the restrictions. The poll on this post is so you can anonymously vote for whether you'd prefer an online or in person AGM for January 2022 so I can crack on with the task of organising it. I've provided some thoughts on each option below. Please feel free to post your thoughts or just vote.

Less travel so good for the environment and takes less of each person's time
Easy to access, you just need a device running zoom (phone, computer, tablet)
Can be hard to get everyone's points across with many attendees
COVID secure (or as COVID secure as your living room gets)

Feels more sociable
Option of pub grub for tea beforehand
Easier to see if someone wants to make a point and ensure they are heard
Some may not feel comfortable to attend due to pandemic

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