Holyhead Camping Meet - 7/8th Sept 2019

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Holyhead Camping Meet - 7/8th Sept 2019

Postby Ian Ashman » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:04 am

Thanks all for a great meet. Weather held out and despite the crowds (a consequence of three clubs converging at same weekend including LMC, the peak Mynydd climbing club (18 members including a stray LMC member !) and the Chester mountaineering club).
Quick summary of what I can remember.
Keith & I squeezed in quick ascent of North West Passage.
Peter & Lorraine headed off for traversing adventures in Porth Dafach.
The Wills headed for Wen slab and Quartz Icicle and meeting up with climbing royalty. James McHaffie and a half dozen cameramen were setting up a re-enactment of first ascent (appropriately kitted out in out in old kit). Unfortunately the camera team had missed the real stars as the young Wills had already skipped up Quartz Icicle exiting up Dream finish before the filming crowds arrived. Then they nipped off to Castle Helen for the Atlantis/ NW Passage combi.
Jen & Tom headed for Holyhead Mountain and climbed loads including Breaking the Barrier. Cath & Nadine were there too and climbing too many to remember but included Cursing, Teaser and Bruvers :D .
JR/Dave headed initially to Rhoscolyn and amongst others climbed Icarus (as Dave commented appropriately melting in a suntrap). Then relocated to Holyhead Mountain where JR tested Dave’s seconding stamina placing 4 huge awkwardly placed hexes in King Bee Crack – no mean effort in a 37m pitch.
Keith/Ian headed for North Stack wall but couldn’t get on planned routes due to higher neaps tides. Didn’t fancy the Bells so we escaped up Green Gilbert but had lovely meeting with family of seals who were smiling at us trying miserably to boulder hop to get on our planned routes. Then headed to Wen slab to meet Wills and did Quartz Icicle but despite trying really hard we don’t think we managed to get on the film either.

The pub was busy than usual too due to a gathering of paddlers.
Saw us all at a very busy Castle Helen but despite this teams managed to queue patiently and completed ascents of Lighthouse Arete, Blanco and Atlantis. JR & Dave linking up with Rachel Spraggs (a fully paid up LMC member :D ) on route. Peter and Lorraine headed upwards to Holyhead Mountain.

Thanks all really enjoyed it & apologies if I have missed anyone’s prize lead.
Ian Ashman
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