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Climbing Video Audio Podcasts

Postby MW1989 » Wed May 11, 2022 5:04 pm

If anyone is interested I am looking to do more climbing video and audio/interviews and I’m after volunteers

Here are a couple of short simple clips

Christmas Chasm, Pembroke

BAWs Crawl, Stanage

Sea Mist, Pembroke

I have completed some longer videos, montages of a days climbing (with some music in the background) and I have done one audio/podcast, but what I’m really interested in now is to do some specific pieces with more of a focus on interviews / audio with the video (or stand alone audio).

Some ideas of theme’s
- first lead at the next grade
- finishing routes and the euphoria of finishing at the top
- a day in the life of a mountain crag
- reminiscing about first climbs

If your not keen on being the focus of the video (or audio), I also need some ‘B-roll’ short clips <5 seconds of ‘fillers’ : Coiling ropes, racking up, placing gear, background shots, ambling around etc. No audio needed.

None of this is about looking for youtube hits it’s more about capturing what we get up to in a different way, something to look back on in years to come.

None of the work needs to seen/heard by anyone else.

Let me know if your interested, contact details in the private section.
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