50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

50th Anniversary Celebration

50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Mountaineer » Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:55 am

50th Book.
Your photos wanted

Please send any links Flickr, Photobucket etc of your LMC photo collections as we really need a variety of images to liven up the pages of text for the journal.
New and old, action, faces, events, etc

Thanks, Paul Hudson
[email protected]
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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Dave R » Tue Mar 10, 2015 11:57 am


I've got lots of pics of LMC-related photos (not all are official LMC meets but they are with LMC folk).

Here's a few (there are more):

LMC Stair meet 2015: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... 2tK2oZX2YQ
14/15 new year in Glencoe: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... smy747o-wE
Blencathra (annual dinner weekend 2014): https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... ez7rOd4_pM
Annual dinner 2013: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... 5om2hIO-Ow
Patterdale and Helvelyn 2013: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... --V3eS4-AE
Dinorwic meet 2012: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... rP3li-GUGg
Skye 2012: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... xf6h07baAQ
Sardinia 2011: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... zvqFnuGiJw
Annual dinner 2010: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... 4IGp9NXLfQ
Ballachulish meet 2010: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... q8ud55yqKg
New year in El Chorro 2005/6: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... Y_08vrHmgE
Annual dinner 2008: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... y6XXsOq5MQ
Cae Amos meet 2008: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... bnw4Om-7QE
Snowdonia 2007: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... yo6hmf7hcA
New year in Costa Blanca 2006/07: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... aCa0vXonAE
New year in El Chorro 2009/10: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... s3PnMj9kAE
Annual dinner 2007: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... orTMvd6ueA
Californian road trip 2007: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... 6dGXj4qAFA
Roaches 2008: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... v66vrXfjwE
New year in Costa Blanca 2008/09: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... _adob-ngAE
New year in Costa Blanca 2007/08: https://plus.google.com/photos/10508018 ... oo7-tc_Meg
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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby JR » Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:39 pm

I've got these from the 2010 Annual Dinner:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/drupka/se ... 774038589/

The site already has copies of those that I submitted for for club's photo comps, but I think this one of Kev (which, unfortunately, didn't make the cut for the grit guidebook) might be a worthwhile inclusion: https://www.flickr.com/photos/drupka/46 ... 7943446509 plus this one of Holly (which already is in a publication!) https://www.flickr.com/photos/drupka/40 ... 7943446509


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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Mountaineer » Sat Mar 14, 2015 10:17 am

Thanks for the links which I have looked through and will get back to people when the articles and fully compiled

The first chapter Ken has put together is the 1990's so if YOU have any photos resting in a drawer from then do let us know.

Paul Hudson
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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Sherpa Kenzing » Sun Mar 15, 2015 12:32 pm

Thanks Dave and Jr, that is a great help, just trying to iron out each decade at the moment, as Paul said he has the 1990's which I dropped in on Friday, I will try to put up all the names of the articles so far collected to give you all an idea of what we have.
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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Marq » Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:23 am

2012 Dec Patterdale meet: https://plus.google.com/photos/10512052 ... 6S4qumWmAE
2012 Jan Glencoe meet: https://plus.google.com/photos/10512052 ... _KZy7PowQE

I think John A 'owned' the dropbox for the 2012 Dolomites trip.

A couple more for you!

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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Sherpa Kenzing » Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:27 pm


This is how the journal looks at this present moment.

1960's 4 Articles

1970's 10 Articles plus 9 photos

1980's 3 Articles plus 2 photos

1990's 37 Articles

2000 plus 38 Articles

Cae Amos 12 Articles

Alps 15 Articles

Worldwide 15 Articles

Expeditions 12 Articles

As you can see from the above information , we need articles from the 1960's through to the 1980's, I am asking all older members to try to find some articles that can be added to the list, I am hoping to have roughly around 15 articles for each of the above decades. So if you can help then please send me the articles trough my college website within the next week. [email protected] Many thanks Stuart could you add this to the newsfeed please, thanks.
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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Mountaineer » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:50 am

Each of the chapters will need a photo to announce it, so if you have a great photo that might suit any of the chapters please let me know min 300dpi. The photo does not need to have been taken at any particular time.
Chapters are





2010 on

Cae Amos




Thanks Paul
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Re: 50th Journal - Your Pictures wanted

Postby Sherpa Kenzing » Sat Sep 19, 2015 11:53 am

Just to confirm the final list on total members is now at 604

Leeds Mountaineering Club all time Membership (1965- 2015)

Katrina Adam Holly Adamthwaite Peter Ainsworth
Jo Alexander Gail Allaby Keirsti Allen
Paul Allerton Janet Allison Mark Alun
Noel Anderson Jeff Appleyard John Armitage
Hazel Arthur Andrew Asaam Ian Ashman
Mike Askey Catherine Aston William Aston

Veronica Bailey Edward Balmer Steven Baker
Louise Baker J Baldwin John Balmforth
Edward Balmer Barbara Bannister Jim Bannister
Mike Barber Mike Barbier Ruth Barbour
Martin Barker Richard Barker Vicki Barraud
Rachel Batt Mark Beecher Mike Beecroft
Shaun Beggs Mick Belford Graham Benson
Benny Bently Ian Bently Joan Bently
Bob Berzins Martin Berzins Sue Billings
John Blackburn Chris Booth Steve Booth
Ann Bowcock Mike Bowcock Simon Bowens
Rebecca Bowens Andrew Bowman Kevin Bowser
Ian Boyd Camilla Boyton Boyd Brad
Sue Brad Louise Bradley Rachel Braithwaite
David Brannigan Janet Brayson Phil Brayson
Pete Brears Phil Brears Andrew Brewster
Robert Bridge Nigel Briggs Amy Britton
Simon Brocklebank Sarah Brocklebank Phil Brook
Toby Brougham Alan Brown Tony Burnell
Eileen Burnell Josie Burns Pete Burns
Chris Buck Celia Budleigh Charlotte Bullivani
Paul Bunton Sue Bunton Linda Burton
Tony Burton Anita Bywater

Peter Cain Ian Campbell A Carswell
Dave Chapman Debbie Chapman Richard Chapman
Martin Charlton Mike Chester David Childs
Zenon Chowaniec Mark Chryssanthou Rob Chuter
Dave Clark Andy Clayton Steve Clayton
Steven Clayton Ruth Clayton Marc Colbeck
Rebecca Cole Richard Cole Dave Collins
Sue Collins Sandra Compton Zoe Compton
Paul Cookson Sue Cooper Steve Corcoran
Robin Costello Hazel Costello Helen Costelloe
Alison Cottam Stuart Coupe Joan Coupland
Geoff Coupland Rob Coupland Stuart Cowling
Anders Cox Rose Cox Joyce Cozens
Helen Crabtree Iain Crampton Teresa Crampton (nee Murphy)
Alan Craven Stella Craven Margaret Credland
Dave Cronan Rob Cundy Dave Curtis
Pete Curtis Maurice Cusworth Pam Cutler

Gillian Dacey Graeme Daly Sally Daly
Stefano D'ambrosio Craig Dawson Gordon Delgano
Phil Dickinson Stan Dixon Norbert de-Mello
Helen Dickens Ralph Dickson Nick Donoghue
Bryan Dooley Gordon Dugan Geoff Dyson

Giles Eagan Dorcas Eatch Richard Edgell
Bob Edwards Simon Edwards Judith Entwistle
Alun Evans Harlotte Evans Marcus Evans
Phil Exley Diane Exley(nee Evans)Paul Exley
Cath Exley(nee Samwell)

S Fairholme Frances Fairhurst Suzanne Fielding
Ken Findlay Jane Fisher Dave Fishkin
Sally Fleming Simon Fleming Joan Fletcher
Terry Fletcher Shaun Fletcher John Forrester
Keith Foster Terry Foster Sue Fox
John Fozzard Rob Freeman Ian Frudd
Liz Fulton Tony Furniss

Geoff Gall Paul Gatenby Jon Gatward
Paul Gibbison Eilidh Gilmour Ann Gilson(nee Gibson)
Chris Gilson Colin Gilson Linda Gilson
Andy Golborne Allie Goodwill John Gosling
Anne Goudie Edna Grant Stewart Grant
Jenny Green Simon Green Clive Greenwood
James Gregory John Gregory Ian Grey
Pete Griffiths Robert Griffiths Yvonne Grist
Ruth Grutzbauch Andy Gudgeon Simon Guilfoyle
Christine Guilfoyle (nee Maher)

Megan Hadley John Haiste Kevin Halcrow
Karen Halcrow Geoff Hall Nick Hallam
Richard Hannam Theodore Hardy Debbie Hargraves
Michael Hargraves Christopher Harrison Jane Harrison
Karl Harrison Andrew Hartley Bruce Hayward
Sara Hayes Nick Heath John Heckmatt
Dave Heaslet Belle Hepworth Curt Hesling
James Heywood Alex Hibbert Patrick Hickie
Wayne Higgins Gordon Higginson Pat Higginson
Marie Higson Graham Hill Chris Hilton
Becky Hilton D Hobson Martyn Hodgson
Jane Hodgson Mike Hodgson Alan Hogben
Les Holbert Don Holliday Stuart Holmes
Dana Homer Lisa Hope Nikki Hope
Matthew Hopkinson Maggie Hopkirk Andre Horne
Carin Horne Chris Horne Anna Horrox
Dave Horton Viv Horton Lesley Houfe
Harry Houghton Sue Houghton Alan Hudson
Paul Hudson Ian Huggan Dave Hughes
David Hughes Simon Hulka Stephen Hutton
Liz Humphreys

Andy Imray Malcolm Ineson Paul Irvine

John James Eda Jeremiciu Susan Jensen
Martin Johnston Owen Johnson Jo Johnston
Rachel Johnston Sarah Johnston Graham Jones
Luke Jones Richard Jones Tom Jones
Joan Jones Jack Jowett Pat Jowett
Tony Jowett Ruth Jowett

Nazir-Ahmed Karbanee Catherine Kelly Keith Kelly
Anne Kempster Phil Kendon Ron Kenyon
Ian Kershaw M Key Daan Kiezebrink
Matthew Kingsley Phillip Kirby Angus Kippen
Alan Kitchener Anna Kitchingman Ian Kitchingman
Lucy-Anne Knight

Lynne Ladd Alex Laing Matthew Laird
Jenna Lane Burjor Langdana Pete Latimer
Grahaeme Lauder Petra Lauer Colin Lavery
Andy Lawson Esther Leach Charlotte Leather
Steve Leather Helen Le-Butt Sholto Lenaghan
Nicolas Lequeux Richard Lether Claire Leverington
Andrea Lewis Phil Lind Vicky Lisle
Neil Lloyd Brian Lodge Tina Lodge
Terry Love Aileen Low Paul Lucas
Alan Lukaszewic Philip Lund John Lynch
Paul Lyons

Chris Mackman John Mackman Joe Malilleu
Steve Mann Govind Manocha Ian Marriot
Eileen Marsden Alan Marson Glen Massam
Stewart Martin Janet Mathieson Beverly Matthews
Burgette Matthews Andrew May Sandra McCabe
Suzanne McCourt Aidan McGuffie David McKechnie
Gordon McKechnie Gordon MacLay John McMahon
Andy McRoyall John McMullen Steve Mead
Tadas Medelis Rob Meadwell Kim Methorst
Chris Midgley Maurice Mitchell Steve Mitchell
Graham Moore Peter Moore Steve Morley

Simon Nash Kevin Naylor Andrew Newell
John Nightingale Sam Nightingale Mike Nuttall

Amer Obeid John Oldroyd

Amanda Page John Pallas Ian Parker
John Parker Stuart Parkin Johnny Parsons
Will Parsons Gail Partington Phil Pashley
Liz Pashley David Payne Karen Payne
Mike Peak Steve Peam Jim Peart
Marie Peart Reg Peart Allesandro Pecchia
Mark Pedlar Sam Peppe Gary Perchon
Simeon Perry Malcolm Pickles Marion Pickles(nee Howes)
Bruce Pickup Angela Pingram Ben Pippenger
Marios E Plomaritis Joanna Powell Lisa Powell
Steve Power Sue Preston-Jones Dave Price
Ian Priestley Pat Priestley Jackie Prichard
John Prichard John Pulford Pam Pulford (nee Briggs)

Sean Raby Tony Raithby Adam Ranson
Ian Ramsbottom Mark Raven Denise Raven
Neil Redgrave Garry Reed Steve Reid
Bill Richardson Brian Richardson Steve Richardson
Doug Riley Jonathan Riley David Rippin
Andrew Risbey Michael Roberts Sam Roberts
Barry Robinson Elinor Robinsn Janet Robinson
Mark Robinson Bodo Roder Bev Rogers
Charmian Rogers Sam Roberts Ann Rook
Frank Roper Dennis Round James Rowe
Stephen Rowley Anna Russell

John Salter Chris Samwell Catherine Sanders
Natalie Saunders Richard Saunders Ernie Scarfe
Claire Scott Martin Scott Brian Schofield
Dave Sealby Pat Sealby Allan Seastron
Sarah Settle Rahul Sharma Susan Sharp
Peter Sharp Sarah Sharps Brian Shaw
Colin Shaw Genevieve Shaw Jeremy Shaw
Jonathan Shaw Nigel Shaw Sarah Shaw
John Sheffield Sarah Shell John Shrewsbury
John Shippen Nick Shippen Pete Sibley
Terri Sibley (nee Jeffcoate) Bob Siddall
George Sidebottom Julian Simmons Marge Sissons
Giles Smith Sarah Smith nee McBrinn)Mark Smith
Phil Smith Robin Smith Roland Smith
Allan Stelmach Stephen Smith Steve Smith
Andy South Chris Sowden James Spencer
Paul Spinks Rachael Spraggs Andy Spreadborough
Mark Spreadborough Michelle Spry Les Staves
Helen Steele Sam Stevenson Lisa Stocks
John Stockwell Glyn Storer Sara Storer
Tom Storey Jim Straker Frances Straker
Zoe Sun Bill Suringar Lee Sutcliffe
Gemma Sutherington Andy Swann Pauline Sweet
Hazel Swift (nee Hobbs)Mike Swift Chris Swindells

William Taylor Jenny Taylor Stuart Telford
Kathy Telford Roy Tevenan Paul Thomas
Jen Thomson Nick Thompson Nic Thomson
Alison Thorpe David Thorpe Anne Tickner
Richard Tolley Les Tonge Nigel Tottie
Greg Tough Jennie Tough Malcolm Townsley
Dick Trenam Claire Trenaman Nick Trifunovic
Dave Trowman Stewart Truman Graham Tyrer

Simon Vallance Barratt Alison Vallance Barratt
Margaret Valley John Vaughn Rachel Vernelle
Pablo Villegas

Keith Waddell Karl Waddicor Wendy Waddicor
Ian Wadsworth Tim Wager Dave Wakefield
Gemma Waterworth Tony Watson Simon Whalley
Andy Walker Anita Walker Dennis Walker
John Walls Ruth Wallsgrove Katrin ####
Becky Ward Debbie Ward Stephen Ward
John Waring Steve Webster Martin Wells
Roger Wensley Edmund Willats Alex White
Ian White Tabitha White Hazel Whitehead
David Whittle Adrian Wilcox John Wilde
Damian Wilkinson Danny Wilkinson Lesley Wilkinson
David Williams Mihaela Willis Andy Wilson
Jeanette Wilson Steve Wilson Keith Withall
Jim Wood Sarah Woodford George Woolin
Sally Woolrich Isla Wormald Martin Wright

Alex Young Ron Yuen

Karl Zeintek Alex Zilles Eriks Zvaigzne

Total = 604 at 17/9/15
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