LMC Virtual Bake-Off (Mountain Madness)

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LMC Virtual Bake-Off (Mountain Madness)

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Put down your phones, let go of your pull up bars and grab your aprons because the LMC Virtual Bake Off has landed!
The theme for the bakeoff is MOUNTAIN MADNESS.

Think of adventures, past and present, memorable hut meets, close calls, awesome sugary summits or a bittersweet reincarnation of your survival through 2020! Let your imagine run wilder than you can.

"A whole cake baked to eat all by myself!? How can I take part?"

Between now and 5pm on Sunday 7th March submit one photo of your glorious bake to me personally on Facebook or to my email (See BB Private section).

Feel free to include a caption for your creation or simply let the bake do the talking. No taste test this time (*wipes drippy icing tear from face) and we won't know about your soggy bottoms either!

Your bakes will be judged on how they look and if they hit the brief by Bake Off Queen of 2019 Helen-Berry-Costelloe, our witty Chair Lindsay McMorran and *Ainsley Harriot himself!

Prizes for 1st place AND last place!

So what are you waiting for?

Get ready, set, BAKE! :D

*Could be the cardboard cut out variety

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