West Highland Way

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West Highland Way

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My partner Liz and I walked the west highland way in 6 days, from Mon 5 September to Sat 10 September. We used AMS to avoid carrying a lot, and stayed in the following places:
Premier inn, Milngavie
Beinglas Farm (due to close soon)
Fort William (we got the train straight back to Liz's home).

Weather was much better than we expected. We got totally soaked on Tuesday, and a bit wet on one other day. Deep respect to the people carrying a full pack and camping!

There were 3 20 mile days. The worst is the second day as there is a very rough scrambly path along the north part of Loch Lomond.

A lot of others seemed to be doing it in about 8 days. We used the Cicerone guide which includes an OS map of the route.
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Re: West Highland Way

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Marvellous. It's a great route. I personally loved the scrambly bit! Did you stop at the Drovers? My favourite pub in Scotland! :D
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