Right to roam

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Right to roam

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The right to wild camp in Dartmoor, the last place in England where this right existed, was recently struck down in a court case brought by a wealthy landowner.

https://www.thebmc.co.uk/landowner-exti ... n-dartmoor

Today in Dartmoor 3000 people protested against this ruling and our lack of access to the land.

https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... -wild-camp

The protest was organised by the Right to Roam Campaign, which is supported by the BMC and other organisations like British Canoeing and the Ramblers, and who have been campaigning to extend our right to access woodlands, rivers and other open spaces in England (in Scotland these rights are already universal).

This builds on a history stretching back to the Kinder Mass Trespass of the 1930s, which helped us to eventually gain our current rights under the CRoW Act to access moorland and commons. Of course, these rights are vital for climbers and mountaineers.

If there are any similar protest actions in Yorkshire I will be fully in support, this is something I care strongly about and I think it's pretty relevant to what we do. Watch this space...
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Re: Right to roam

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I totally agree with what you are saying Joey.
Many years ago when I was on a uni trip, climbing on the Dewerstone, we strayed onto private land. The farmer spotted us and drove his tractor 300m across a field to shout abuse at us. We were trying to get back onto the footpath and didn't need the fruity encouragement.

On a more local note, during covid times, one or two local farmers have done their best to discourage walkers.

Especially the man from Riverside farms downstream from Otley on the Wharfe. He has fenced off the riverside so the 'Knotford Nook' loop is no longer possible without a roadside detour. This walk has been a popular one amongst Otley folk and has even featured in the yearly Otley Walking Festival. His land is fenced off from the riverbank path and so walkers (including those with dogs) would have not affected him adversely.

Another example is 'Mick the Music' who has a property at Lindley reservoir. He blocked off the public right of way and tried to stop people walking there when it was permitted to travel to a local walk. He printed off signs using the NHS logos adding his own words... 'If you've come by car, you've come too far' etc etc...

These Bar Stewards were probably first in line when offered vaccines and care by the NHS but didn't seem to realise that many of the people they have stopped from walking on 'their' land were the NHS workers who made their care possible.

Come the revolution...
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