Climbing Meet Leader Responsibilities

Topics related to evening meets, including indoor and outdoor evening climbing meets
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Climbing Meet Leader Responsibilities

Post by SarahS »

Just a reminder for all those leading climbing meets:

Before the meet
  • Use the club’s Bulletin Board to publicise the meet, including highlighting any access issues
  • Talk to new/prospective members about what to expect, things they will need to take etc.
  • It is also important to promote lift sharing among signed up attendees as often there is limited parking spaces. New and prospective members should ideally travel with full members.
On the meet
  • Look after new/prospective members to ensure they have adequate equipment and feel comfortable
  • Ensure the rules of the crag are followed i.e. bird bans/drones/not walking on walls/dogs
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Re: Climbing Meet Leader Responsibilities

Post by DavidPonting »

Reminder to check for and advertise in advance any access issues at the crag. Access details are available in guidebooks, on UKC and the BMC access database, and if these disagree do ask the committee for advice - we’re always happy to help! We must follow negotiated access agreements on club meets, and if necessary we’d ask that the meet leader is ready to enforce these on the meet.
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